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The 17 days between winter solstice and Epiphany are my favorite days of the year. I like that there’s a lot of cookies in the house, school is out, and my partner and I are home together, nothing is urgent, and there is time to reflect on the old year and think about what is to come in the new year. I like fresh starts and the start of new year brings new possibilities, hopes and dreams.

A year ago, I made six goals: 1) to finish my deck of tarot mandalas, 2) to write my book, 3) to travel to a new city, 4) to cook more, 5) to get healthier and 6) to focus on my personal finances. I thought it was good balance of aspirational and practical, focusing on mind, body and spirit and yes, feasible.

And, the Universe had other plans. It turns out that 2012 was a really hard year. I learned a lot, including: I would not wish vertigo or anxiety attacks on my worst enemy, prayer has power, I am happier when I take time to meditate, artistic expression can be healing, escaping into a book can be good medicine, having my mom move to New England could not have come at a better time, sometimes doing the minimum at work is acceptable if you’re putting that energy into a higher priority, taking care of myself is actually the highest priority, and I chose the right partner as I can’t imaging having made it through this year without her.

I’ve always thought that when God closes a door, somewhere he opens a window*, and that sometimes we are tested so that we know how far we can bend without breaking. I feel really proud of making it through this year. I didn’t break and am, I think, stronger for it.

Now, as the year winds down, I trust that I am where I should be. I am thankful for the lessons of 2012 and excited for the new hopes and dreams of 2013.

*~Maria, The Sound of Music. That was my high school senior year quote.

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  1. hollyberry57
    Dec 31, 2012 @ 11:35:49

    Lovely, honest post. I wish we lived closer, I think we are much alike. Here’s to a new year and a chance to experience the best of life.


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